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Writing and Directing 


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A mixed race child grieves the recent loss of her father and, with the help of her gregarious imaginary friend, reclaims aspects of her cultural identity that had seemed to disappear with him.

Hair Ties is Elinor's debut short film, which she wrote, directed and appeared in.

The lead role was played by Elinor's eleven year old daughter, and it was filmed in September 2020 with extra added COVID-19 based challenges.

It is produced with the support of Neil Gaiman and The Blank Corporation. 

Babby Daddy Show.jpg

"The day I've been dreading arrives. All the answers I have prepared go out of my head when she asks me, “Where's my Daddy?”

A painfully honest insight into the world of a young single mother, this autobiographical piece is about forcing yourself to fit the mould, looking for answers in the wrong places and facing up to your responsibilities when you've bitten off more than you can chew. 

'Baby Daddy' was Elinor's first solo show. It was originally produced by The Birmingham REP and went on to enjoy a successful run at Assembly Venues during the 2018 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. 

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